Online Community Manager

Online Community Manager

Starling Strategy is a boutique strategic advisory firm that helps large organizations to develop and execute digital strategies to change laws, build coalitions, and drive positive change. Starling is a young company with a start-up-like environment. We build things greater than the sum of their parts, including nation-wide community college fellowship programs and foreign aid reform advocacy campaigns. The Community Manager will play a key role in both our current projects and future growth.

There's never been a better time to learn, adapt and collaborate with amazing people around projects that make a positive impact. More than any service or product, our curiosity for what technology makes possible, optimism for what each other can bring and passion for delivering results defines Starling.

Some of our most exciting work comes from helping clients realize what they often already sense, through discovery, research and thoughtful reflection. That said, we're often asked to challenge existing ways of working with new ideas that need to be made accessible and actionable to teams stuck in their old habits.

If we do our jobs well, our clients create and sustain healthy communities of their stakeholders, whether that’s customers, volunteers, activists, internal staff or other allies. While this work has historically relied on effective email and sms communications, we are increasingly building platforms, often with tools like discord and slack, to facilitate relationships among a more decentralized community. Starling is looking for someone knows how to implement the architecture and ongoing programming to keep these communities happy and healthy.

In other words, you can move easily among Slacks and Discords, you understand the emerging norms and culture of online communities - or have the empathy and curiosity to learn about them. You know how to set up a new instance of a community platform, and MailChimp doesn’t intimidate you. You aren’t afraid to crack open Canva and make a graphic because you have a funny idea that might just work.

Here are some of the responsibilities the Community Manager would have on client projects:

  • Serve as the primary liaison between our clients and their communities;
  • Write emails, posts and create other content to be distributed via email campaigns and social media and other online platforms;
  • Interview and write about community members to help tell the story of the community to stakeholders and the community itself;
  • Develop and monitor metrics to understand community health and value;
  • Stay aware of new trends and techniques in community management and brief clients and Starling team on new opportunities;

Here are some of the skills and experiences that we are looking for:

  • Experience managing online communities. We aren’t looking for years of time in a paid job, but you should be able to tell us the story about a community you helped make awesome, even if it was in school or part of a side-hustle.
  • Comfort with ambiguity. As consultants, every project is different and if the work was super-clear our clients probably wouldn’t need our help. We’re also a small company so we are eager for new ideas and processes: you won’t find a lot of “that’s how things work here” at Starling; More “that’s a great idea, let’s do it!”
  • An interest in Web3 and decentralized communities. It’s ok if you aren’t red-pilled about NFT’s or learning solidity on the side. But you get that this is where things are going and, like us, you find it utterly fascinating.
  • Understanding of the consumer tech in the community organizing space (slack, discord, etc), and comfort with their configuration and administration.
  • Bachelor’s Degree is great, but not required. Experience in political campaigns and organizing is very appealing to us.

Women and under-represented candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Salary $55-70K/year + benefits. Apply below: